People With Negative WonderSlim Reviews

Negative Reviews of WonderSlimI was searching for some information about the WonderSlim program when I stumbled across a negative WonderSlim review.  I was quite shocked to read anyone say anything bad about the WonderSlim program…so I felt compelled to read the article.  I have been using WonderSlim for many days, and I have even helped a few people who to start the program. I did this because I felt so empowered by my weight loss accomplishment that I felt the urge to help my friends and family to take control of their weight, the way I have done through WonderSlim. I tried to lose weight for years and had a smattering of success with few tangible results that I noticed on the scale. In less than 4 months I have had a positive life-changing weight loss experience.  Because of my experiences with WonderSlim I felt compelled to respond to the reasons why people have written negative comments about WonderSlim.


I hate posting personal weight loss numbers because EVERYONE loses weight at a different pace.  I do not want to set expectations for readers that are only viable to my body, and my situation.  After I lost my weight I was so energized by the results that I felt the need to share them with the world. The interesting thing that I have learned as I have coached some of my friends with WonderSlim is that not all of them have good things to say about WonderSlim. I was really shocked to learn that some of them even had some negative things to say about the program.


What I have done is list some of the discussions I have had with my “clients’ and why they were WonderSlim failures. I briefly will recap some of those WonderSlim negative comments and reviews.


I do not like vegetables.
I have always been amazed with the statement that someone could not find at least a couple of vegetables that were acceptable to be eaten while on The WonderSlim LeanGreen Meal Plan. I am not a fan of all of the vegetables on the plan, but I have been able to find a few that I really enjoy. I eat broccoli almost daily, and yet one of my all time favorite meals comes from a vegetable that I never even heard of before I started WonderSlim. I NEVER heard of spaghetti squash, and yet the spaghetti squash and meatballs meal has quickly become one of my all-time favorite meals. The point I have learned from someone telling me that they do not like WonderSlim, or that they can’t do WonderSlim, really is just an excuse. What I have learned is that if a person fails at WonderSlim it is not because they can’t find a vegetable they like, it is because they really do not have the drive to make-weight loss a reality in their life. If a person wanted to lose weight badly enough they would look at the full extent of the available menu options instead of looking for an excuse as to why they can’t use WonderSlim to lose weight.


I am too busy at work or I don’t have time.
I first thought that being too busy at work might give a person a decent reason to fail at WonderSlim, but as I learned more about the program I have also discounted that as an excuse. I work in retail and some of the ladies I brought into the program work at customer service. The retail store that I work in keeps these woman quite busy and on their feet constantly. After I learned about, and tried, some of the many available products on the WonderSlim menu, I have learned that there is a choice for any and all lifestyles. What I mean by this is that one client orders more of the crunch bars, and pretzel snacks for work-time, while still ordering some shakes or hotcakes for when they are at home. What I have learned is that if the girls at work can be on her feet all day, at a counter, then anyone can find the time to make-weight loss happen. One girl (Samantha) has lost over 22 pounds the first month and is very, very happy with her progress. This excuse of being too busy is really just an excuse…as living the WonderSlim lifestyle is about as easy and convenient as anything you could think of doing to lose weight. Anyone that is familiar with WonderSlim knows just how convenient the whole 5 meals a day really becomes.

WonderSlim is too expensive.
I will concede that it took a month for me to gather the funds necessary to place my first order, but I soon discovered that WonderSlim really is a cost-neutral program. What I mean by this is that once I had the WonderSlim Meals my costs to eat for the month started to go down. I was no longer eating out at fast food places daily and I no longer was spending money on “this and that” at the grocery store.  The ironic thing is that it costs me less to eat using WonderSlim than to exist not using WonderSlim…hence the term cost neutral. Not being able to afford WonderSlim is really just a long-term excuse for the short-term problem of not having enough cash to get started.  Compared to other weight loss programs that are also effective (ie: Medifast) WonderSlim is considerably LESS expensive, and yet it is equally effective overall.

It is the holidays.
This is an excuse plain and simple! Once I realized that if a person wants to eat ALL their favorite foods during a holiday, that it really only comes down to maybe a day or two. It does not matter if it is Christmas or Memorial Day, or the 4th of July…it is just a day. In reality, if a person wants to eat their favorite foods for the “holiday”… then go ahead! Once that DAY is done, jump right back into the plan. If Christmas is the holiday and it is 30 days away you can eat 180 meals on the plan and lose about 9 to 18 pounds before the day that is the HOLIDAY! A great saying I have learned is that if you are planning to treat yourself to eat, then you are just really planning to over-eat. The point here is that if it is a holiday you can go and enjoy yourself and then just go right back to the weight loss plan. It is really a simple concept when put into perspective.


I could go on with some of the negative comments I have heard people tell me about why they can’t lose weight with WonderSlim but the point I really hope to make is that if a person wants to make-weight loss a reality in their life then they will find a way. The neat thing about WonderSlim is that I have realized is that not only is it the only weight loss plan that has worked for me, it is the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight. Overall, all of the negative comments I have gathered about WonderSlim have come from individuals that were not committed to weight loss. Although they spoke about how tired they were of being fat, they really did not want to make a change in the habits that got them that way.


I no longer entertain discussions about whether or not WonderSlim works, or if it does not work. I no longer listen to people who tell me WonderSlim will not work for them because I know that it would work if they just gave it a legitimate chance. No longer do I try to explain to people why it could help them. Those days of trying to convince people are over and have been replaced with the understanding that weight loss with WonderSlim will happen for any healthy individual that is willing to make it work for them. It is affordable, it is convenient, it is flavorful and takes very little time to make it work. The only thing I discuss about WonderSlim now is if the person is willing to follow the plan, because if they do….they will lose weight. It is that simple.


One interesting to note, and understand, is that this article is at the top of rankings for negative WonderSlim comments and yet it is really not that negative at all. Also…please note that there are virtually NO negative WonderSlim reviews to be found anywhere by people who have actually used the product to lose weight. Maybe that is because it works really, really well!


WonderSlim is really a no-brainer weight loss method.  The truth of this weight loss method is that those that do no succeed on the plan (Yes, there are those that do not succeed) really only fail because they give up on themselves long before the magic happens.  Those people who are not successful really are not ready to make it happen and it will really not matter what weight loss program they choose.  If you happen to find a truly negative WonderSilm review I would be really surprised it they ever really tried the product with the ultimate goal, and desire, to be thin and healthy.

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Colorescience Cosmetics Review: Eye Candy Trio Kit

The first time we saw the Colorescience Eye Candy Trio Kit we were amazed at just how effective the product can be. We watched the video below and then when we saw it done in person, on an older middled aged woman, we were even more impressed with the quality of the product. It was amazing to see just how effective the cosmetic technology can be when applied correctly. Eye Candy Trio uses three brilliant products to visibly transform the look of the eye area.

Eye Candy Trio conceals and camouflages imperfections around the eye such as dark circles and puffiness while hydrating and tightening to minimize fine lines in three easy steps. The video below shows just how easy it is to apply this stuff and how effective it can be for a person trying to cover up some imperfections in a person’s face and eye area. The way to apply it is to start by applying My Favorite Eyes Cream to the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct, where the shadows are darkest with three to four dots to each eye, this should be adequate coverage. The beta-carotene provides a yellow tone that softens the look of dark circles while vitamin K addresses their long-term effects. The next step is to apply Crystalescience Eye Serum Shrinking Violet. Put one to three dots of Shrinking Violet under the center of the eye. This reflective serum boosts the activities of the other products while tightening and firming the eye tissue. Finally, apply Eyes Wide Open to help brighten and moisturize. Apply five to seven drops of Eyes Wide Open along the orbital bone and around the brow. Eyes Wide Open contains Azulene, a chamomile extract, and has a cooling effect that helps reduce puffiness. The baby blue tone provides a visible lifting effect. Finish by thoroughly patting all three products into the skin. With Eye Candy Trio, you can achieve an eye-lift in just 60 seconds.

The end result of using this amazing technology is one that not only impressed us but has impressed us much more than anything we have ever seen in any store or cosmetic show. Overall we give a great thumbs up review for the quality and the value of this product. We recommend it to anyone that has a need to give themselves a mini sixty second face-lift.

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Story of Cosmetics, The Critique

This is a Critique of, “The Story of Cosmetics,” by Annie Leonard . I previously debunked her video titled, “The Story of Stuff.” That four-part series can be seen below along with other links for references. “The Story of Cosmetics,” is either dishonest, or Annie is unaware of an FDA study that debunks most of what she claims. (See Critique below) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 I challenge Annie to a debate: Glenn Beck Interview: Lou Dobbs Interview: FDA and Lipstick: A health scare that stinks:

5 Top Weight Loss Myths

There is so much misinformation that is circulating around the internet about weight loss that it is hard to decide what is good and works and what is bad and does not work. You sit in your chair and not only feel bloated you are getting depressed about your weight gain and the feeling of being powerless to be able to take control of your life. There is a really good chance that the reason for your budding depression is because you have been led around with incorrect and inaccurate information. Let’s look at some weight loss facts and let you be the judge!

1) Diets Work In the Long-Term

All diets fail as you can attest to because here you sit today and your weight is still there. You have tried so many fad diets and yet you still think that maybe that one diet will come along that works. Give up on the diet and start on your new lifestyle because any diet is doomed to fail. Diets have a start date and an end date. What happens if you stop eating carbs and lose 100 pounds? If 100 pounds was your goal and your diet was a “success” what now? Do you go back to carbs or are you ready to give them up forever? More than likely your diet will end long before your weight loss is forever. Quit looking for a diet and start a “live-it.” Start a program that you can lose a pound here and there and stick with it for the long haul. This is how a weight loss plan lasts for a lifetime. True weight loss is not a dash to the finish line. True weight loss is for the rest of your life!

2) Not Eating Will Help Me Lose Weight

The uninformed weight loss attempt will include eating fewer calories during the day. If you want to lose weight you need to be able to give your food the energy it needs to survive. If you just cut back on the food supply it is not healthy and actually defeats the purpose. When a person cuts back on calories their body goes into a sort of starvation mode and starts to restrict the burning of fat and starts to increase the burning of muscle. This hurts your weight loss attempt and actually when you start eating normal again you will add more fat than when you started to try and lose weight. You MUST eat to lose weight, which leads us to the next myth.

3) Three Meals a Day Is Best

If you want to lose weight you should not eat three meals a day. If you want to lose weight you should supply only enough calories every four hours to get you to the next mini-meal. If you eat 2,500 calories at one meal your body takes what it needs to operate and then converts the rest to fat. If you eat less more often then there will no excess calories to turn into fat and since you are not hungry your body will burn fat and not muscle. If you want to lose weight then you need to eat to lose weight.  A great myth buster for this belief is Medifast, as they require you to eat 6 times a day and that diet has worked for over 30 years!

4) I Can Do Without My Favorite Foods

If you love pizza are you planning to never eat it again? What about chocolate? What about Pepsi? Every time people start diets they start off with rigid rules and make absurd rules like no pizza ever again. What this results in is the event of having a slice and then feeling as if you are a failure and that you can’t make your diet work and then you just give up and stop trying. If you really want to lose weight it is not a dash to the goal, it is a marathon. If you are trying to lose weight then you need to go back to myth #1 and work that slice of pizza into your life. You are foolish if you think that you can go through life without ever eating your favorite foods again. If you ate a couple of slices of pizza tonight that is not the end of the world. True weight loss is all about choices and choosing a reward ever now and then is not failure. If you are losing weight and eat pizza one night and get back on track the next day the weight loss world will not crumble. You can’t deprive yourself from food and be a success for the long-term because in the long-term you will surrender to your desires and then you will feel like a failure and give up. By incorporating your favorite foods every now and then you are setting yourself up for long-term success and also staying away from fad diets. It all goes back to your diet not being a diet, but a live-it.  The one exception diet to this weight loss myth might be Sensa, because we have seen it work for people.

5) Everyone Can Lose Weight But Me

The chance of you having a medical condition exist and should never be over looked but chances are that if you really tried to lose weight you could make it happen with the proper motivation. For some people that motivation may be heart failure or the death of a sibling or a spouse. Whatever your reason for reading this here and now it proves you have some motivation. You too can lose weight but only if you educate and apply yourself. If you really want to lose weight then you too can make it happen. Join a support group and just start getting more active. If you really want it bad enough then just go for it and make it happen. You can lose weight but you have to want it bad enough for that motivation to last. You need sustained motivation. Are these really the top five weight loss myths? Maybe not but they really are worth your time to realize that what you just read can empower you to move on to the next level of your weight loss journey. That next level is the beginning of your weight loss journey. That journey began with the knowledge that tears away only five weight loss myths. Keep learning about health, fitness and weight loss and your journey will be a lifetime of health. Yes, you too can do it, now just get up and go for it. Every journey begins with the first step and you have gained some knowledge and that can be your first step.

How to Apply Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics

How to apply Dermablend Corrective Cosmetics? A preview of application techniques for Dermablend. Dermablend is the number one camouflage cosmetic and covers birthmarks, rosacea, tattoos, scars, pigmentation, post-surgical scars and more.

Paula Dorf Cosmetics: A Review of Eye Primer and Transformer

You can become your own makeup artist with Paula Dorf Cosmetics. You will find it very easy to achieve a unique look for your eyes that will have the ability to last all day long every day you use it.  By combining Paula Dorf Eye Primer and Transformer.

The eye primer will create an even canvas on your eyelid that will prevent colors from slipping, smearing and not allowing you to look your best at 5Pm after a long hard day at work. The transformer will turn your eye shadow into an instant eyeliner with dramatic and refreshing results that will make you smile to your reflection when you apply it to your face.

To achieve this look, the video will show you how to use Paula Dorf Eye Primer, 2+1 For Eyes, Transformer, Eye Primer Brush and Eye Definer Brush. Start by applying Paula Dorf Eye Primer with the Eye Primer Brush.

Start at the inner lash line, and work your way up and out. This nude color helps create a uniform canvas for your eye makeup and helps keep the color in place all day long. Follow by applying your eye shadow. Finally, use Paula Dorf Transformer to turn your darkest color of eye shadow into a liquid eyeliner. 2+1 For Eyes features a dark band of shadow designed to be used with Transformer.

The part that sets apart this product from any of the competition is when you put two drops of transformer in your eye shadow lid. Dip the Eye Definer Brush into the Transformer solution, then into the outer rim of the shadow. Apply along the upper, inside root of lash line, moving outward.

The unique Transformer formula helps fight off bacteria on the lashes, while ensuring lasting color. Finish your eye-catching look by applying your desired color of Paula Dorf mascara.

The say a picture is worth a 1,00 words so let us just stop writting so you can watch the video below and get all the information that we just covered.

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Buy More, Get More FREE at — while supplies last.

Cosmetic Makeup Brushes: Uses and Purposes

We love this video as it really provides alot of useful information on what are the best cosmetic makeup brushes to use.  This pretty young lady goes into great detail about the benefits and features of many different brushes that need to be used to achieve the glow of correctly applied makeup.  Watch this short seven minute video and see how much you did not know about the correct brushes that should be used.

What I like about this video is that she is NOT an expert and that she speaks from experience.  This is a great video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

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As the Skin Ages

The older we get the more fragile our skin becomes and the things we took for granted need a little more care and love.  The care that was given to our skin when we were younger, and the lifestyle that we have lived has a huge bearing on the condition and maintenance of our skin as we grow older. As the skin ages it is more susceptible to sunburns, and the elasticity is much less than in our youth. This leads to more facial lines particularly around the eyes, mouth, and forehead.

As the skin ages it becomes more sensitive to products that were once suitable for your skin, but now you will have to look for alternate products that will help with the changes. 

One of the benefits of aging is that acne and other breakouts will be less  and soon nonexistent.   The drawback is that the skin seems to be more dryer and an increase in broken or unsightly capillaries seems to show up.  The skin will tend to lose some of its color and become somewhat blotchy.

For those who have enjoyed a little too much sun in their youth, the skin tends to look a little more leathery and this is also to the increasing dryness due to decreased blood flow and dehydration.

Age spots and broken blood vessels are other signs of aging that we all can look forward to and the need for good foundations are necessary to cover these irregularities.  And last but not least there is gravities effect on the skin after it has become less elastic over the years.

It sounds like a lot of bad news in growing old, but that isn’t really the case.  Aging woman are still beautiful and there are many excellent products on the market that can assist in the skin feeling and looking healthy at any age.

It is just a matter of changing and choosing the right products that will work for you.  The right choices can be made by testing and choosing formulations that are specifically designed for your changing skin type.  Also remember to drink water and hydrate, this also helps as the skin ages.

Dermstore Says Thanks and She Reviews Them

She has made a few Dermstore videos and as a result, she received some “goodies” from Dermstore.  It is sort of a rambling review, but it is a sincere review.  She states in the start of the video that she was not being paid to make the video….and we believe her.  She just has that sort of personality, so we hope you enjoy this Dermstore video that was just sort of thrown together and released.  It may be long, but it is worth watching before you commit to buying some products from Dermstore.

Borba Atomizer and Barielle Total Foot Care Cream are just two of the many products reviewed in this video.

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I Am Fat!

Here I sit, yet again a diet failure!  After trying to lose weight for all too long I am still fat and I know I am fat.  It is a weird sense of awareness that many will contribute to simply being part of a New Year’s resolution, but it is not.  I am fat and I know it, but the difference is that this time around I am going to lose my weight and keep it off.  I am fat, and I am going to change and I can say this this morning with a sense of relief.

Nobody really reads this blog, but yet I feel somehow fulfilled by writing here and I do not know why.  As I sit here in the glow of my desk lamp I realize that what I say here are things I would not talk in the open to anyone, even those that I consider to be close.   Being able to say “I am fat!” is one statement that I am scared to death to say out loud, but yet here I sit typing it to the world.  It is so public, and yet it is so anonymous.  It is almost a paradox and yet it is helping me to feel free.

I do not know where you come from, and I do not know when you may have found this entry, but I am inviting you to follow me on my weight loss journey.  I hope that maybe you will send me a comment, so I am not 100% alone on this journey.  It is my goal to buy, and use Medifast to my weight, but right now I do not have the money to order it as the start up cost is a stretch for my budget.  I used Medifast once before and lost over 100 pounds and then I thought I was a superman of sorts and could eat anything I wanted, with no consequences.

Until I can afford Medifast, I will simply eat better, eat less and drink more water.  I know this is so basic, but to do that is a huge leap for me.  I will lose my weight again and this time I will keep it off for good!