Baby Quasar by Advanthera

A short 2.5 minute video about Baby Quasar, by Advanthera.  The video is short, sort of dry, but chock full of information for someone looking for information about how to use a Baby Quadar by Advanthera.  The direction for use make this brief video one worth watching.

It is all about light therapy designed to correct sundamage and a host of other issues that may be appearing on your facial skin.  A decent video, full of information.  Wherever you get your Baby Quasar you can be pretty sure you will be getting your money’s worth, but it is not a bad idea to shop  around a little as you may be able to find a bargain tucked away somewhere.

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Buy WonderSlim In Grocery Stores

Buy WonderSlim In Grocery StoresIf you have run out of WonderSlim or if you are looking to see if you can buy WonderSlim in a grocery store, we have some good news and some bad news for you. Despite what you may think, the good news is that you can’t buy WonderSlim in a store and you definitely can’t get it at Wal-Mart or Target. The reason why I think it is good news that you can’t get WonderSlim at a supermarket is because of the savings plan that is available to you when it is ordered over the Internet, among many other reasons. If WonderSlim was available in supermarkets, retail stores or any other store, the deal that is available on the Internet would go away and the price would more than likely increase. Let me explain why the good news is that WonderSlim is not available in the grocery stores anywhere in America today, or tomorrow.


One reason why you need to understand that NOT selling WonderSlim in stores is a good thing is because of the discounts that are available on their website, if you know where to look. (Click For Current Discounts: Weekly Specials) When a person first starts the program they often take advantage of the many discounts and FREE offers that are available. This means that you have available to you free “stuff” and offers that are not, and never will ever be available in any retail store front.  There is not one grocery or retail store out there that is going to give you any WonderSlim for free, and that is why only being available via the Internet remains the best option for people today looking to use WonderSlim. Wal-Mart and other stores are in business to just make a buck, and although WonderSlim is a company also, not being in stores keeps the company in total control of not only the product, but also in total control of every aspect of their business.


WonderSlim has been around for many years and is one of the most trusted names in meal replacement. They are not only a leader in the field, they are quickly becoming a dominant force in the weight loss market because it is proven to be so effective.   Since WonderSlim is only available directly from WonderSlim, and they own the manufacturing and distribution process, they ensure that they product that you receive is first-rate. Since WonderSlim is in total control from start to finish, they ensure that the focus is on quality product and quality customer service. If you have ever ordered WonderSlim then you understand just how good their product is…and how great the service is for their customers.


The good news of not being available on the shelves of the stores ensures that the FREE offer is there, it ensures that the product is fresh and nutritious and it ensures that the service the customers receive…is top notch. So, do not despair that WonderSlim is not available in supermarkets or any other retail store, because that is what keeps the company not only strong, but it keeps the entire organization focused on the end result… and that result is weight loss.


If you have ever had to call WonderSlim on the telephone you will note a few special things about the organization. I have listed some of those reasons below as to why WonderSlim has made the correct choice for staying off the grocery store shelves.

  • Weekly Discounts
  • FREE Offers
  • FREE Samples shipped with all orders!
  • Superior customer service…and they speak English
  • Product, manufacturing and Support are all U.S.A. based
  • WonderSlim maintains product quality


I could keep going, but I will stop there because not only is WonderSlim NOT available in stores today, it will NEVER be available in stores. WonderSlim is the real deal for weight loss and it is unlike any other weight loss product on the market today. WonderSlim is one of the fastest growing companies in America today and that is because the stuff works and it works really well. There is not another weight loss product on the market today that even come close to the capabilities of WonderSlim. If you were to WonderSlim to other programs, you would see what I already know and understand. If you were a WonderSlim user, you would be able to see the results in the mirror.


WonderSlim is not available on retail shelves because the company just may be too good to let that happen!

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Dry Skin Type

If you have dry skin type it reacts somewhat different to the normal skin types when it is exposed to the sun.  Dry skin tends to burn more easily, and the skin tends to peel after a sunburn.  This causes the skin to become itchy. 

This can also be a problem if you live in a cold wintry climate because the skin can become irritated to the dryness of the freezing weather. 

If dry skin becomes really dry it can become scaly, and sometimes it will even chap which makes the skin quite sore and irritating.

People with dry skin tend have more of a fair complexion.  However, this skin type is not reserved for only fair skinned people, dry skin can be found on all the other types of skin also.  The areas across the cheeks, and the forehead are more prone to become dry.  The cheeks will also feel tight after being cleansed.

There are a lot of contributors that tend to make the skin dry.  Although as we age our skin naturally seems drier with any skin type.  The factors that dry the face can include weather, our environment, the foods that we ingest, and even the medication that we are taking.  People with dry skin tend to shed their skin cells in quantity instead of one cell at a time as other skin types would.  This is part of the reason why the skin is dry.

Dry skin is not solely due to the lack of moisture as many as led to believe.  Moisturizers help with the dryness of the skin, but you need to select a moisturizer that will not inhibit the shedding of the skin.  The shedding of clumps of skin is one of the causes of the dryness in the first place.

By gently exfoliating the skin, the moisturizers do their job much better, but you will also need to be careful because this can cause some sensitivities in dry skin.

People with dry skin type should read the labels of the products they buy.  Make sure the products you buy are for dry skin, and that they are unscented because perfumes tend to dry out the skin. 

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Phytomer Skin Care – Self Tanning Gel

A short video that demonstrates Phytomer Self Tanning gel.  It is a typically bland, yet distingushed video produced by Dermstore. Deal of the Day!

Sonya Dakar Skin Care – Organic Facial Scrubs

When we first started to look into Sonya Dakar Skin Care we really did not think we would see all of the uproar about everything. Granted the lifestyle may not be mine, granted the cost may be over the top….but the stuff works. With that being stated the sick part is that she can get away with charging whatever she wants to charge. After all…it is her products! Deal of the Day!



Sleeping Beauty

VSleeping is mandatory to be healthy.  Sleeping is a basic requirement of being healthy.  To be able to lose weight in an efficient manner a person should be factoring in eight hours of sleep everyday.  The importance of sleep is mandatory and all too often people settle for hours of sleep that are not quality hours of sleep.  I watched a Star Trek The Next Generation episode, where the crew was being deprived of the REM cycle of sleep.  The ship was in some frequency or something that caused people from being able to achieve needed REM.  In today’s society of obesity we all too often find ourselves in a position that because of our weight, we are not getting a decent night sleep.  It is sort of like the episode, except the thing that is keeping people awake is sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea does not allow a person to achieve REM because of the constant gasps for air, while sleeping.


Stop Snoring Now!

My wonderful wife used to be morbidly obese.  She has lost about 80 pounds and she is doing well, as she continues to go for the final 20.  One thing I do remember about the days when she was overweight was the sleep apnea machine that she used.  To qualify for the machine she had to spend the night at some sleep center where they tracked all the times she was woken up because her airway was closing.  When she would gasp for air, she would not wake up totally, but it was enough to shake her out of REM.  Being shaken out of REM repeatedly and continuously is what takes its toll on the human body.


Because of the obesity, she could not get a decent nights sleep, because her body would not allow it to happen, unless she was hooked up to a c-pap machine.  The only problem with being hooked up to a c-pap machine was the fact that all the hoses and wires really become annoying.  It was sort of like sleeping next to Darth Vader, with the sound effects.  I know I was the same way because I was 100 pounds over weight myself.  I went to New Orleans for relief work and I had a room mate (Mike Q.) and he could not sleep because I snored so loudly.  The point is that before Sue and I lost our weight we wish we could of had the jaw supporter snoring solution.


I am not sure if this thing would of really helped Sue or myself, but I know that in those days I was always tired and I never seemed to get enough sleep.  If this thing works and it means you don’t need a c-pap machine, then I think it would be a thing I would try.  There is a great video on the right side of the website that explains how this sleep aid works.  Whether you are looking for a way to try and stop snoring or just try to keep your airway open while sleeping.  This is one product that you may fret about not having invented yourself.


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Jane Iredale and Protection From The Sun

With nearly 500,000 new cases of skin cancer yearly, growing awareness of sun exposure has led to advances in sun protection.

The sun produces two types of ultraviolet radiation that affect the skin. UVB, also know as the burning ray, is the shorter wavelength and is more damaging. UVA, the aging ray, is longer and is damaging to the skin as well.

There are two main types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. Physical sunscreens, which are less irritating, work by reflecting or blocking the sun’s rays. Chemical sunscreens absorb the ultraviolet rays. Most sunscreens today contain both, known as broad spectrum sunscreen.

A sunscreen’s SPF (Sun Protection Factor) indicates how long someone can stay out in the sun without burning. A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 lets you stay out in the sun 15 times longer than without sunscreen.

This is really neat stuff because it provides protection from the sun by simply putting on mineral powder.  Not everyone knows that Dermstore can supply you with protection from the sun by using a chemical-free powder sunscreen for your face and body.  For once a person can get UV protection without having to rub a liquid all over your skin.  By applying Powder-Me Foundation you will be providing your body with SPF 30 protection…in a powder form.

It also contains titanium dioxide and a nourishing natural clay.  It can be provided before you go into the sun or it can be used to soothe inflammation after being in the sun.  Either way it is great stuff.  Also you can get in in translucent and tanned.  It is really great stuff!  The applicator makes it even better…just watch the video and you will see what I mean!

Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF is an easy-to-use mineral powder sunscreen.

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Normal Skin Type

Do you have normal skin type?  There are certain characteristics of the different skin types and most people fall within the four main categories.  To determine what type of skin you have you need to look at the characteristics that your skin possesses. 

People with medium to fair complexion usually fall into the normal skin category.  Another indicator would be when spending time in the sun you are more likely to get a sunburn,  but provided you aren’t exposed to the sun for extended periods of time you would develop a nice tan.  Your skin around the forehead, down the nose, and across the chin tend to have larger pores, and these areas can be more susceptible to acne, and skin irritations.  These reactions are less in normal skin types than in the others.  The skin on your cheeks can also have a tendency to feel dry, but it certainly isn’t a problem in most cases, and the use of a good moisturizer will help eliminate this.  People with normal skin type seem to have a good supply of natural water content in their outer skin that helps it to remain smooth, and supple most of the time.  Those fortunate people who have normal skin will also feel a slight tightening of the skin across their cheeks while cleansing the skin.

People with normal skin type usually age with fine lines appearing around the upper lip, forehead, and around their eyes.  Even though normal skin is generally the easiest skin to take care of, there are outside factors that can cause problems such as the weather, your working environment, the sun, eating habits, stress, and many other reactions that would affect the other skin types.

Having normal skin type is wonderful, but always remember to treat your skin with care by using the proper cleansers, moisturizers, and toners to ensure that it stays in great condition as you age. 

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Using Soap on Your Face

If you are using soap on your skin instead of a skin cleanser, then you need to be very careful that you select one that is suitable for your skin type.  Opinions on the use of soap on facial skin are divided between the beauty experts.  Most beauty experts recommend using a skin cleanser that is more suitable for the face.

Many of the body soaps on the market today are too harsh for face skin particularly for those that have dry or sensitive skin.  Soap has a tendency to dry the skin out, and if it is used on someone who already has dry skin it can intensify the condition.  Those who have oily type skin, soap doesn’t present as much of a problem, and it can be a suitable product to use as well as being very cost effective.  For those who are prone to acne, and other skin blemishes, provided once again that it is not the result of very sensitive skin, an antibacterial soap can do wonders.

A more suitable product in most instances will be a facial skin cleanser.  Skin cleansers are available in various formulations and there should be one that will be suitable for almost any skin type.  They are milder than soap and more suitable for the face.

Other options that are well worth looking at are the complexion bar.  These bars look like a bar of soap, but they are mild cleansers in the form of a soap bar, making them both convenient and excellent for cleaning the skin. 

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Manufactures who make facial cleansers, whether it is a liquid or a complexion bar, come in many different formulations targeting the different skin types.  Once again, you will need to try different products and sample others to find the one that is best for your skin. 

Cleaning Your Face Properly

Do you think you clean your face properly?  You would think that we would all know by now how to clean our faces; after all we do it everyday.

During the course of the day we get a build up of many different impurities on our face that can clog our pores and give us that washed out complexion.  These impurities come from:

  • grime
  • make-up
  • sunscreen
  • excess oils
  • excess sebum
  • and several other sources

Some of these sources are the conditions in the area that we live in, and others are how we live, eat, sleep and cope with the things in our lives.

Many of us touch our face throughout the day and the impurities that we carry on our hands get transferred to our face each time we touch it.  We can also be in the habit of leaning on our chin at the office, or even touching between our eyebrows while adjusting our glasses or sunglasses.  All of these actions can lead to a build up of dirt that can block our pores.  For these reasons it is important to cleanse our facial skin by washing it at least twice a day.  This is essential in keeping the skin clean and healthy while allowing it to breathe.

You will need a skin cleanser that suits your skin type, as some of them can be too harsh for people with sensitive skin.  Buy a cleanser that is for your particular skin type.  Look and read the labels of the skin care products to see whether it is recommended for sensitive skin, oily skin, or if it suits your skin type needs. Sensitive skin is often drier and a cleanser for oily skin will be too harsh and could cause a reaction. By using a suitable cleanser each night you will be cleansing the impurities that have build up during the day in your pores.  This allows you to have a great nights sleep on a clean pillow and not allow built up grime to create more problems for your skin.