Do You Have To Exercise When Using Sensa?

I have been asked by more than a few people if a person has to exercise when they use Sensa.  Since all of the people that know me always see me with a Sensa Shaker they know I would have the answer.  Despite how impressive my weight loss has been, I still have many people that doubt how effective Sensa can be to help a person to lose weight.  I did not deliberatly ”exercise” while using Sensa, I did what I call accidental exercise.

The answer to the question of whether or not a person needs to exercise when using Sensa is a simple yes and it is also a simple no.  Actually either answer would be correct and here is why.  Weight loss all comes down to calories in and calories burned.  The less calories you eat and the more calories you burn…the faster a person loses weight.

The entire concept behind Sensa is that a person will sprinkle it on their food at mealtime and it helps them feel full faster.  By feeling full faster a person will not want to eat as much food and that could result in a calorie deficit for the day.  When a person has a calorie deficit, they lose weight.  Sensa is designed to help you want to eat less calories than you normally do and that can result in weight loss.

If a person sprinkles Sensa on their food and then pays attention to the fact that they are full sooner and then acts on that feeling by eating less food, the potential exists to lose weight. That is as simple as weight loss theory can be and that is about as simple as the way Sensa can be explained.  By using Sensa and eating less food a person can lose weight and yet not have to exercise.

Sensa and exercise do not go hand in hand but that does not make it the right way to go about weight loss.  Sure the potential of weight loss is there with Sensa but the potential to lose weight even faster can be realized simply by moving the body more and that does not mean you have to exercise.  This is where the term accidental exercise comes into play and this can be the type of exercise you may want to do while using Sensa.

Simply answered… a person does not have to exercise while using Sensa to lose weight but the more important thing than losing weight should be your overall health.  Too often people confuse exercise with body movement and if you want to lose weight with Sensa why not combine both?  Why not increase your activity in a mild way to help you burn the fat even faster?

Accidental ExerciseSince you do not want to exercise while using Sensa why not try accidental exercise?  Park further from the store to get in a few more steps.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, at least part way?  The whole point is that exercise does not have to mean going to the gym and exercise is not necessary to lose weight while using Sensa.  If you do decide to lose weight using Sensa then if you want to lose it even faster you should try some exercise, even if it is accidental.

Either way you go you will be healthier if you lose weight and the more activity you get in.. the faster that weight loss can occur.  Granted exercise may not be needed to lose weight with Sensa, but it would not hurt you to at least get in some physical activity, no matter how little it may be.  The short walks, the stairs and walking to the store can be powerful allies of Sensa and those allies can only help you lose weight faster.

Exercise may not be required to lose weight with Sensa but as with any form of weight loss, exercise will not hurt your weight loss results.

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