How Much Weight Can You Lose Using Sensa?

The first question that everyone wants to know is how much weight they can lose using Sensa.  This question is asked as if it is a product that you just open and the weight falls off your body to the floor, as if there are no actions required by the person trying to lose the weight.  I have been aware of Sensa for well over one year now and when someone asks me how many pounds they can lose using Sensa I have an answer that is really a question.  The answer that I always give now is “How many pounds do you really want to lose?”

The interesting thing about weight loss is that there are really two types of people.  There are those that just want to lose weight, and there are those that want to lose weight and are willing to take action to get it done.  The first group that I speak of are the ones that generically want to lose weight.  This type of person is your standard obese individual that genuinely “wants” to lose weight and yet they really do nothing more about that desire than provide lip service.  The second type of person that wants to lose weight are the ones that are obese and are ready to take action to do something about losing that weight.

With the two types of individuals now identified let’s re-examine the question of how much weight a person can lose using Sensa.  The first type of person that just wants to be thin runs the risk of using Sensa and not losing a whole bunch of weight.  The reason we say this is because if a person were to not use Sensa the way it were intended to be used, they will not listen to the signals that their body generates through the use of Sensa. 

The way Sensa works is that you sprinkle it on your food right before you eat and the reaction with your body will naturally speed up the process of feeling full faster.  If you were to sprinkle Sensa on your food and then feel full and yet ignore the fact that you are full, you will more than likely not lose much weight using Sensa.  The reason for not losing weight for this example is because the user has ignored the signals of feeling full.  Sensa is a tool and if a person were to use the tool and ignore what the tool is doing, the weight loss will not be that spectacular.  This would be the type of overweight person that just wants to lose weight but really is not willing to take any action to make that weight loss a reality.

The second type of person wanting to lose weight that we spoke of is the one that will use Sensa and pay attention to the fact that their body has generated the fullness signals and be able to stop eating.  The key to Sensa working for a person is that the user is willing to use Sensa the way it was meant to be used.  If a person were to sprinkle it on their food and then pay attention to the fact that they are no longer hungry and stop eating, they will be able to lose weight.  For this type of person, weight loss can be a reality.

To provide the best possible answer to this question we need to look to the official Sensa website.  On their website it is discussed how the product is clinically proven and that the average person following the plan lost 30.5 pounds in 6 months.  If one were to do the math it can be stated that if a person were to use Sensa the way it was meant to be used that person could lose an average of  slightly over 5 pounds a month.  The best part about losing weight with Sensa is that those that use it still get to eat the foods that they love, they just know when it is time to stop eating.  Being able to take action and stop eating is what sets the weight loss winners apart from the weight loss losers.

Now that we have covered the background on what a successful Sensa user looks like, the answer to how many pounds a person can lose using Sensa is a simple question to answer.  Sensa is clinically proven to show that average weight loss is 30.5 lbs in 6 months.  If you doubt that we suggest you check out the stuff for yourself.  If you are looking to order some I suggest you go to the official Sensa website and search around for their FREE offer that runs every now and then.  Once your order of Sensa arrives it will become time for you to answer the question of what type of person you really are.  Will you be the type to recognize the signals that Sensa helps speed up and takes action, or will you just be the type of person that just keeps getting more and more overweight. 



The choice is really yours!

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