I Found Sensa In A Store!

Since we are all about finding up to date information about Sensa we are adding this post as an adendum to an earlier post (Where Can I Buy Sensa?) about being about to purchase Sensa in a retail store.  Up until fairly recently we have not been able to purchase Sensa at Wal-Mart or any other retail store…but that has recently changed.  We can say this because yesterday we were out at the mall and found Sensa sitting on the shelf of GNC.

As you can see in the photograph above, Sensa retails for almost $90.00 at GNC.  I really do not know why anyone would want to buy Sensa at GNC because of the price difference of being able to get it for FREE online.

If you were to get Sensa at a store you would have to drive there (gas money) and then spend all the time doing it and by the time you had it home it would cost you over $100.00!  To me it makes much more Sensa to save your time and your gas and all of the money by spending less than 5 bucks and taking advantage of the online FREE Sensa offer.

By taking advantage of the FREE online offer you can rest assured that if you are not happy with the results, nobody will be making alot of money off you.  Actually we think that if you were going to try Sensa that you will become a repeat customer because of how effective we think the stuff is for weight loss.  Overall the least expensive way to purchase Sensa, over the long term, is through the official Sensa website.

If you would like to stake out your claim for some FREE Sensa and save over $85.00, just take advantage of the FREE offer below and have it shipped straight to your home.

13 Responses to I Found Sensa In A Store!

  • karen webb says:

    i would luv to try sensa free. i am at least 100 lbs. over weight and have tried many diet plans and had no sucssess and have very little extra money to play with on failing diets. I would luv to give sensa a try. I would luv to tell everyone i know how much i luv sensa and how well it works and would luv to get many more people interested in trying this product and fall in luv with it like i know i will luv it too. Thank you so much.

  • cindy says:

    I agree with you Karen i am at least 150lbs over weight and it is causing many health problems and i cant afford to pay for Sensa so if i could try it for free and it worked i would gladly recommend ity to everyone

  • Jamie says:

    The reason why purchasing Sensa at GNC appeals to me is because I do not have a credit card and this seems like the only way to get help, I am about 100 lbs overweight and very depressed about it.

  • Riely says:

    This get it free is a hoax. To order it you have to pay shipping which is either $9.95 for priority or $4.95 regular, so I would not call this free. Also if you read the fine print, it states that after the 30 days they bill you $89.99. So in since this is the exact same price you would pay in GNC. People should know NOTHING IS FOR FREE. Then also in the fine print it states you will get billed this price plus shipping & handling every 50 days. So short story is your not getting it free. And like most people you get busy with your daily life and in the 30 days forget to call or send the product back then guess what your stuck with this on your credit card.

  • Dianne Chiechi says:

    Can we pay with a check or money order, then it will not be billed and almost impossible to get a refund if we do not want it again on credit cards

  • Molly says:

    I agree with Dianne, the ‘getting it free’ is a scam. I had to have my bank help me stop the payments…never again

  • Brenda Bonebrake says:

    I’m a very private person.When I buy something I don’t want my husband picking up the mail and seeing what I buy.If your product is worth it,it should be worth selling in a store where I can go get it on my own.

  • priss says:

    It’s true all of these companys say it’s free and they bill your credit card or your checking account after 30 days. Shame on them the world has become so money hungry. To me that is the same as stealing. Whats wrong with this world.

  • Trish says:

    I’m still in this program & 2 months ago I called to cancel & some how they convinced me to stay 2 more months at a cheaper price. Anyway I’ve decided next week I’m dropping them. I don’t think I’m losing anything, & I don’t think I’m losing any weight! The only thing I’ve lost is my money! Maybe the local store brand will work better.

  • Tina says:

    Does Karen Webb work for Sensa???? sounds like it ;o) I too have heard that it doesn’t work like it says it does, is not FDA approved and you will NOT get it for free – they not only charge you once but it is very difficult to get them to stop charging you. That is just wrong.

  • Naomi says:

    FYI – if you get a Gold Card out of GNC not only do you skip the shipping and handling charges, you also get a discount during the first few days of the month (double check which days in your area)so it’s even LESS than the “free” they are claiming. I’ve heard different things about this product – i just started using it again (i only lasted about a week last time…not good at stuff like this)and i am doing it because the guy at GNC told me about his parents who are on it and how they are doing – so we’ll see. I hope the best for others and maybe i can send a before (ugh) picture along with an after picture and you can make your own choices regardless of the results! =) Happy slim down my friends.

  • Devon says:

    Is it free? The answering is Yes and No. Here’s how it works you only get a 30 DAY supply FREE but they send a 60 DAY supply in the mail. You have to remember to send that second box back in enough time that they won’t charge you for you. So is it free? The answer is only half of the supply the send you is free. Total Rip off! If I wanted a second supply I would just order it but apart of their scam is to go ahead and send it in hopes that you forget to meet the deadline. On top of that you have to pay the shipping to send it back

  • Shannon G says:

    I’ve tried Sensa for the last 4 months, and can tell you that I’ve lost a major part of my belly! I’m in my 60′s, and on thyroid meds, so it’s very hard to lose weight any other way. I’ve been very pleased with Sensa. My only problem seems to be that I tend to forget to “Shake”! Although my weight loss has been less than average (because I forget) I’m still happy to have lost a solid 11 lbs of much needed belly weight. It doesn’t upset my stomach either. I do not work for Sensa nor have any connection to them. I do recommend it. Every body is different.

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