Is Sensa Dangerous?

I was asked by a few of my friends interested in starting Sensa as a way to lose weight themselves if Sensa was dangerous.  Since I have been using Sensa for awhile now I have to admit that I was a little surprised to hear someone say they thought that Sensa was going to hurt them in any way whatsoever.  I will tell you right upfront that I do not think that using Sensa is the least bit dangerous, and here is why I feel that way.

Before I started to use Sensa I did some research into the ingredients of Sensa and I quickly discovered the official opinion of the FDA.  The FDA (FDA and Sensa) did not even have to do a review of Sensa because they classified the stuff as G.R.A.S., which means that all of the ingredients that were used to make up Sensa are generally accepted to be safe.

What this all means is that there is nothing that is put in Sensa that can be considered to be harmful!  The thing that really surprised me is that those people that say they won’t use Sensa because they think it is dangerous are the same ones that walk around 100, 150 to 175 pounds overweight.  I am too nice a guy to vent my feelings face to face, so I save them for when I get to post here.  What amazes me is that they think it is safer to be a walking coronary in the waiting than it is too make an effort to lose weight.  It makes me shake my head to think that they feel it is safer to walk around morbidly obese than it is to do something to lose weight. 

I can tell you that after the research I and the FDA have done on Sensa that it is not dangerous to use whatsoever.  In fact it is much better to use Sensa and lose weight than it is to not use Sensa and remain obese!  Being obese is what brings on diabetes and a host of other weight related health issues.  So…as I sit in the break-room being mocked by those that are overweight I shake my head in disbelief that there are really those people that think Sensa is dangerous and that it is better to remain obese than it is to use Sensa to lose weight.

Even with the FREE Sensa offer I cannot convince Paul to give it a try.  I think what it all comes down to is that he is just not ready to lose weight.  I can understand that if a person is not ready to make the change, then the change will not happen.  I just hope that in Paul’s case he does not have a stroke or a heart attack before he decides to do something about his weight.

Is Sensa dangerous?  No, I do not think that it is harmful in any way at all.  What I do know is that it is much more dangerous to be overweight than it is to use Sensa and get thinner.

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  • deb says:

    i was turned down for lap band because my insurance says i have to work at my job with the state for a total of 5 yrs to have ive only been there 3 i was so excited i had my 5000.00 deductable readybut no cigar i am giving this a try after reading all the testimonials i read on line i will keep you posted.

  • well, if you’re citing the FDA as a reason to feel “safe” about Sensa – you have no credibility with me. FDA has done a terrible job of keeping consumers safe. They have Monsanto officials in their top ranks (and they are messing with DNA in everything and screwing things up). If the states yell, Monsanto just sues them. So, if FDA says Sensa is safe – that doesn’t make me feel one whit better about it.

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