Is Sensa Sold In Stores?

My friends consider me the Sensa expert because I was the first one in our little group to use the stuff.  One of the most common questions I am asked is if Sensa is sold in stores.  What I have learned is that when this question is asked I really need to respond with another question which is, what do you mean by the word “store?”  This may seem like a silly question but it is one that must explained because no longer is the answer defined by a brick and mortar building.  I would like to take a moment to discuss the possible stores a person will be able to purchase the Sensa weight loss system.

Many people who ask what store a person can buy Sensa are often referring to places like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, CVS, WalGreens  or other retail establishments, of a similar nature.  Other individuals may be asking where Sensa can be bought online.  So, as we continue this post we will focus in on what places are available in retail, on the Internet and virtually any store in the world.

Sensa in Brick and Mortar Stores
We are happy to report to you that Sensa is not sold in any known established retail stores. (Updated Article: Click Here) That may sound like a odd statement that you can’t walk into Wal-Mart, Target, CVS or Walgreen’s to purchase some Sensa, but we have good reason for that making us happy.  We feel this way because the whole thing comes down to pricing and the price is curently better because Sensa is not available in retail stores. We say this because nowhere in retail will you ever find Sensa for FREE, as it is online.  When was the last time you walked into Wal-Mart or Target and walked out with something that was FREE?  Retail stores do not and will not ever offer you the stuff to try it for FREE, as is available online.

Sensa Available In Online Stores
You haveat least three known options for purchasing Sensa in an online store.  We have listed those options below, with a small commentary on each option.

    • Since we all know of we also all know they are the Wal-Mart of the web.  Often the pricing is decent but the shipping charges tend to make the overall cost a tad bit pricey, when compared to the FREE offer available elsewhere.  Amazon is alright, if you are not concerned with cost or shipping times, as where on Amazon it is bought determines the final cost and delivery times.


      Click Here To View Prices Of Sensa Currently On


    • Another online store that you can obtain Sensa is Dermstore .com.  Although not as well known as, Dermstore is quite large in their own right.  They are very well known in the niche of health and beauty products.  They offer fairly competitive product pricing and yet once again we feel as if they fall short when compared to the FREE offer available from the main Sensa website.  We offer a link below and when you arrive on their landing page simply type “Sensa” in the search box and you will see a fairly decent, yet limited selection of Sensa and Sensa products like Sensa slims.
      DermStore is your one stop shop for all your beauty needs.


  • The best place to order Sensa from any store that we could find on the web or off the web has to be the home of Sensa.  Not only do they have the best pricing found anywhere, they have the only place where the FREE offer is available.  Since FREE is really good…we do not know of any reason to get a supply of Sensa anywhere else!  When you order Sensa from the main Sensa site you also know that you are getting the freshest product available.  We know that after you search around you will decide that FREE is the best and that is at

Whatever store you decide to get your Sensa at you can rest assured that you will have one of the most powerful weight loss tools available today.  The fact that it can be FREE for the first month really makes the whole deal shape up to be something that might be just too good to pass up!

41 Responses to Is Sensa Sold In Stores?

  • felicia says:

    I really wanted to try the risk free $9.95 offer with free shipping, but it was like a gimmick. They were going too send me 2 boxes and if I kept both boxes they then would take out of my acct. $89.95 additional. YUCK always a gimmick. The product does look and seem affective

  • jc says:

    I absolutely HATE autoship! Would not go there. Would not do that.

  • Dev says:

    I wanted to try it also but I will not do autoship. If u r that sure of your product than you should let us try it free and then if we are happy with it we will order it at our discretion. Otherwise it is a gimmick and it is autoship because u don’t have faith that anyone will buy after they try. Sorry, not for me. Let me know when you change it to let me try and buy at my discretion.

  • Laura Daly says:

    I agree with everyone else I HATE auto ship also I would buy it if it was not for that. If you believe in your product then try not to take advantage of people and let them reorder when they need it.

  • Shirley Finstad says:

    I would love to trySensa also…but I feel as others do. If I like it and it works for me, I will buy it.

  • Nesha Harris says:

    I was willing to try it also, but once I read the fine print with the auto ship, that a negative. Then they tried to drop the price down to 1.95 made me wonder, just sell the product in the retail stores for a low price it’s just that simple

  • sandrs says:

    Try shopnbc. You can order it there risk free

  • Mary Hurd says:

    I would like to know where i can get Sensa in Lexington ,KY. What stores have It . Thank you for your help ,Mary Hurd

  • Scott says:

    I’m with the rest of the gang on this one. I was going to try it too…but when I read the fine print…and determined that they were going to autoship…I quickly backed out. It your product is so good…then sell it outright retail…autoship is nothing more than a greedy way to PUSH your product on people.

  • yvonne says:

    I totally agree wanted to try but autoship a no, no.

  • Jannine carter says:

    Sensa is sold at GNC

  • Sarah says:

    Interesting encouraging consumers that they won’t get a better deal if Sensa was sold in retail stores when nearly every consumer complaint about this product is that in the end they’re billed for autoshipment whether they continue with Sensa or not. It seems this is the number one complaint about it. That being said, I question the validity of “I Choose Beauty”…one positive report out of a sea of complaints…it gives one pause of what’s really going on.

    IChooseBeauty Respose:
    An interesting thing you failed to notice is that we have NO income generated from buying this from Sensa…not one penny. We have NO links to TrySensa and we earn NO money from TrySensa. With that being said it is believed that our opinion holds more weight than most!

  • Scott says:

    What an f’n scam. “We are proud to announce we don’t offer it in retail stores”, let me be the first to tell you, they are not giving anything away for free on line and you will be paying way more if you fall for their scam than if you went into wal mart and paid for it at your leisure. If you are dumb enough to fall for their “free” scam, than you deserve to be screwed. Do not play into their marketing scam…and wait for it to be in stores. The lady who wrote this is a straight up idiot and needs to stop screwing the American Public.

  • soccermop59 says:

    What is with the auto ship these days? I wanted to try it, but no way am I giving out CC information on this type of deal…canceling will be a nightmare like the proactive and baremineral gimick….been there, done that!!

  • rho says:

    I wanted to try sensa as well but no way because I dearly hate auto ship. Also, I read that there are complaints with with cancelling the autoship and customer’s were billed even after cancelling.

  • SaintAnn says:

    I wanted to try sensa but no way will do auto ship!

  • ginny says:

    I wanted to try it, but when something says free–why can’t you get it for FREE –no shipping, no handling, no anything!!!!

  • Cathy says:

    Was ready to order until I saw that FREE really isn’t FREE. Free turned into $89.?? plus s&h AND autoship. Misleading info makes it a big no for me.

  • Jacaranda says:

    Risk Free Trials are a scam. Nothing is free on these sites. I will not do autoship. I learnt the hard way with a different product. Never again. Had to cancel my card. Tooks months to get bogus charges reversed. This should be made illegal!

  • Sensa looks like a good product, but the auto ship thing is just a great way to kill the sale before it is made. Memo to sensa distributors as much as you would like to think, the public are not idiots we are able to reorder on our own if the product is worth the price.

  • frank collazo says:

    will never ever ever buy online “free” again………its a gimmick–they get a hold of your credit card and start shipping stuff to you while ommitting the first “gift” from payment, thereby calling it “free”–

    let me know when i can buy this product from a store–

  • dmmgallery says:

    NEVER do auto ship. I hate this when companies offer this as the only option. I will never buy for this reason. They start taking money out of your account and you have to close your account to stop them. BAD idea. Trust me- I know this from experience. They lock you in and cause you absolute MISERY. I want the product- but I will have to find a way to do it without autoship- guess I will have to wait to get the product too.

    The ONE exception we found to the auto-ship policy was with Medifast. We were on the VIP Club (Now called Medifast Advantage) for about one year. We were able to change our orders and were able to adjust and change any way we wanted, whenever we wanted. The one time I screwed up and received an order I had to wait until the order was returned and I then promptly received my refund. Sensa auto-ship has had MANY bad comments on the Internet, but I have NEVER seen any bad comments about the Medifast auto-ship program.

  • Madolyn says:

    Sensa products available at GNC Vitamin Stores

  • I, too, need to lose 5-10 lbs. and heard how great sensa is, but REFUSE to have autoship. Cindy Crawford’s makeup is the same, and the only reason I stopped ordering it. I like to decide when I want to purchase anything, not let companies decide when I want it.

  • Jordan says:

    Ugh! Seeing all of these comments make me want to sue Sensa! I just REALLY DON’T LIKE IT when the company takes your credit card and USES IT AT THEIR OWN FREE WILL. WITHOUT your permission! Autoship is a BIG No- no for me. IF they just want to AUTOSHIP, just sell it in retail stores!! JEEZ! I hate it when I get my hopes up, then find out this thing is all a big FAKE!

  • linda says:

    Sensa is now sold At Costco, individual per month at a great price including shipping. And no auto ship.

  • leanna says:

    i hate the people that only do on line and but if they wont sell on to the stores and people cant buy to try it at there risk but then they want to charge u all the time and they said that it is free and then that they keep chargen u why is all weight lost so spendy and then they dont work at all

  • silvia lopez says:

    Costco has it I’ve been using it for 4 weeks lost already 13 pounds

  • Christy says:

    I also wanted to try it. But I do not buy anything like this on-line. If it really works there would be no fear of selling it in stores. Since it can only be ordered on line, it is like going in a back alley to buy something. The old excuse of stores and saving overhead is older than Sensa

  • Tim says:

    I am a product marketing guru and have launched over 250 successful products. Hey Snesa executes you beeter get a clue, your losing potinteial millions in revenue but this bait and switch technique. It may work for a short time, but your brand name becomes very tainted. Reconsider your vechile.

  • Ivy says:

    Like many others of you guys I was just trying to try this Sensa stuff, and when i red your comments and find out about the $89.99 billing I wasn’t so sure…anyway GNC have the product, so you can buy it there.

  • Donna Mello says:

    I bought the first two months at Costco for 38.99. I lost about 13 lbs, but will also no do the auto-ship. I will use what I lost as a kick-off to watch what I eat and excersise a little more.

  • I agree with everyone about the auto ship. I am desperate for help to lose wieght but I did the auto ship before and it was all about getting my money . So I hope sensa really works and maybe I can try it out someday.

  • Sandy says:

    Was ready to try Sensa, ready to pay the ADVERTISED TRIAL PRICE, “$9.95″ for shipping only, but because of the charge of $89.85 that would have been charged to my credit card, got leary of this offer.
    FREE means FREE!!!!!

  • Mary says:

    I think that they should sell it in stores because it makes life easier. You don’t have wait untile it gets at your door.

  • Crista says:

    I recently saw that you can order Sensa through Costco for $41.99 per bottle. I also know that I saw it in the store a while back, but didn’t look at the price. However, since you have to pay to shop at Costco and my membership is currently expired I am unable to get my hands on it without signing up for autoship or paying an additional $50 fee to activate a membership that I will use only to buy Sensa? I hate autoship and I’m not sure that activating my membership is going to be worth it. oh, what’s a girl to do???

  • Gesimba Mutalii says:

    This is strange! If this product is good we will buy it. Just put it in the stores. Stop trying to be funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wattles says:

    Gesimba, this product is now sold at GNC vitamin store. I believe I have also seen this product in Walmart but I am not sure. You might want to look.

    Thank you for your comment.

  • Andre says:

    If you want us to try your product then let us and not cheat us. in autoship if we forget to cancel it when it do not work. Want to make money. Be honest and Stand by your product and let us try it and give the customer a option to continue if we like it.

  • Julie says:

    The “TRY FREE” is only a gimmick. THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE IN STORES: GNC, Target, Walgreens, CVS and many others. You are just going to have to fork out the full price for the product if you want to try it. This is the only way you can try the product without being screwed with “AUTO SHIP”. As we all know too well, nothing is ever free when you are required to pay for shipping, or sign up for automatic shipping. The only time something is truly free is when you are only required to submit your address to where the product is to be shipped without a credit card or other financial information.

  • Susan says:

    The GNC in Douglasville, GA carries Sensa in their store.

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