Is There Any Taste In Sensa?

Is there any taste in Sensa is a question each and every one of my friends have asked me when they see me using Sensa on my food.  Since I am no longer embarrassed to let people see me use the stuff in public I have had many people ask me questions about the stuff.  The story behind my using Sensa goes back about 18 months and I now have to chuckle when I think how I used to be embarrassed when people use to see me pull Sensa out of my pocket.  Now when I pull it out I often hear the same questions over and over again with the most common question being whether or not Sensa has any taste that is unique to just Sensa.  I must answer that question with a simple yes and…well also a simple no.


The reason I sort of hedge on the question as to whether or not Sensa has any taste is because most non-Sensa users will want to taste a sprinkle of it off the palm of their hand, as demonstrated in the photograph just above.  The truth of the matter is that if you were to lick Sensa off of your palm, there is a very, very subtle almost indiscernible flavor.  Everyone that has tasted Sensa in this fashion of what I now call the “lick taste test” sort of shrugs their shoulders and say that it really does not taste like much of anything, yet there is a tiny, tiny flavor that is there, but yet really is nothing.  I find it difficult to explain so the very next moment I sprinkle Sensa on some food they are about to eat.


Once my friends taste their food with Sensa Sprinkles on it they admit that the stuff has no flavor or taste altering qualities whatsoever.  This is the moment in time where they get confused and start to ask all sorts of questions about how it works and then I let them try it on their entire meal so they can experience not only the lack of Sensa flavor, but also the main quality of Sensa itself.  This is often the start of when they begin to grasp the theory behind of how Sensa can help them feel full faster which means they are going to eat less, which facilitates weight loss.  It is at this point in time that I have an inner smile knowing how much some of my friends need this stuff and how much I am helping them with their weight… without being too pushy.  It is also about this time that the question of how much it costs comes up and that is when I admit that I am NOT a Sensa employee and that they should just take advantage of the FREE Sensa offer.


I tell all of my interested friends that not only does Sensa not have any taste or flavor, it can help you lose weight by eating less and that they can also get the first month shipped to them for FREE. (Well, FREE really means $4.95)  As the meal progresses and the topic of conversation has shifted from whether or not Sensa has any taste I often comment to my friend that they did not clear their plate or that the sandwich they ate was placed in a doggy bag.  This is when I smile and tell them that they should take advantage of the FREE Sensa offer because if they want to lose weight how much is $4.95?


I often tell my friends that Sensa is not going to get rich off $4.95 and the stuff that arrives on your door step will blatantly cost the company more than the price paid.  As my meal often ends I end up walking away with my very own doggy bag for dinner and the satisfaction in knowing that I have lost weight using Sensa.  Looking back on the question of whether or not Sensa has any taste or smell I must purse my lips in a smile.  I really do not know why it has not taste or smell, I just know that I really enjoy using the stuff.  I know that I am thinner today and that I am no longer afraid to whip Sensa out in a restaurant.


Sensa does not smell.  Sensa has no flavor.  Sensa has no real taste to it.  How does it work? Well…that is another story and that is not what you asked today.  If you want to answer all these questions for yourself then take the big 5 dollar “risk” and then you will be able to answer the questions for yourself.  If you can afford the 5 bucks you too can see for yourself as to how much weight you will be able to lose.  After you try the stuff, please come back and let the world know how effective it was for you too.

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