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Negative Reviews of WonderSlimI was searching for some information about the WonderSlim program when I stumbled across a negative WonderSlim review.  I was quite shocked to read anyone say anything bad about the WonderSlim program…so I felt compelled to read the article.  I have been using WonderSlim for many days, and I have even helped a few people who to start the program. I did this because I felt so empowered by my weight loss accomplishment that I felt the urge to help my friends and family to take control of their weight, the way I have done through WonderSlim. I tried to lose weight for years and had a smattering of success with few tangible results that I noticed on the scale. In less than 4 months I have had a positive life-changing weight loss experience.  Because of my experiences with WonderSlim I felt compelled to respond to the reasons why people have written negative comments about WonderSlim.


I hate posting personal weight loss numbers because EVERYONE loses weight at a different pace.  I do not want to set expectations for readers that are only viable to my body, and my situation.  After I lost my weight I was so energized by the results that I felt the need to share them with the world. The interesting thing that I have learned as I have coached some of my friends with WonderSlim is that not all of them have good things to say about WonderSlim. I was really shocked to learn that some of them even had some negative things to say about the program.


What I have done is list some of the discussions I have had with my “clients’ and why they were WonderSlim failures. I briefly will recap some of those WonderSlim negative comments and reviews.


I do not like vegetables.
I have always been amazed with the statement that someone could not find at least a couple of vegetables that were acceptable to be eaten while on The WonderSlim LeanGreen Meal Plan. I am not a fan of all of the vegetables on the plan, but I have been able to find a few that I really enjoy. I eat broccoli almost daily, and yet one of my all time favorite meals comes from a vegetable that I never even heard of before I started WonderSlim. I NEVER heard of spaghetti squash, and yet the spaghetti squash and meatballs meal has quickly become one of my all-time favorite meals. The point I have learned from someone telling me that they do not like WonderSlim, or that they can’t do WonderSlim, really is just an excuse. What I have learned is that if a person fails at WonderSlim it is not because they can’t find a vegetable they like, it is because they really do not have the drive to make-weight loss a reality in their life. If a person wanted to lose weight badly enough they would look at the full extent of the available menu options instead of looking for an excuse as to why they can’t use WonderSlim to lose weight.


I am too busy at work or I don’t have time.
I first thought that being too busy at work might give a person a decent reason to fail at WonderSlim, but as I learned more about the program I have also discounted that as an excuse. I work in retail and some of the ladies I brought into the program work at customer service. The retail store that I work in keeps these woman quite busy and on their feet constantly. After I learned about, and tried, some of the many available products on the WonderSlim menu, I have learned that there is a choice for any and all lifestyles. What I mean by this is that one client orders more of the crunch bars, and pretzel snacks for work-time, while still ordering some shakes or hotcakes for when they are at home. What I have learned is that if the girls at work can be on her feet all day, at a counter, then anyone can find the time to make-weight loss happen. One girl (Samantha) has lost over 22 pounds the first month and is very, very happy with her progress. This excuse of being too busy is really just an excuse…as living the WonderSlim lifestyle is about as easy and convenient as anything you could think of doing to lose weight. Anyone that is familiar with WonderSlim knows just how convenient the whole 5 meals a day really becomes.

WonderSlim is too expensive.
I will concede that it took a month for me to gather the funds necessary to place my first order, but I soon discovered that WonderSlim really is a cost-neutral program. What I mean by this is that once I had the WonderSlim Meals my costs to eat for the month started to go down. I was no longer eating out at fast food places daily and I no longer was spending money on “this and that” at the grocery store.  The ironic thing is that it costs me less to eat using WonderSlim than to exist not using WonderSlim…hence the term cost neutral. Not being able to afford WonderSlim is really just a long-term excuse for the short-term problem of not having enough cash to get started.  Compared to other weight loss programs that are also effective (ie: Medifast) WonderSlim is considerably LESS expensive, and yet it is equally effective overall.

It is the holidays.
This is an excuse plain and simple! Once I realized that if a person wants to eat ALL their favorite foods during a holiday, that it really only comes down to maybe a day or two. It does not matter if it is Christmas or Memorial Day, or the 4th of July…it is just a day. In reality, if a person wants to eat their favorite foods for the “holiday”… then go ahead! Once that DAY is done, jump right back into the plan. If Christmas is the holiday and it is 30 days away you can eat 180 meals on the plan and lose about 9 to 18 pounds before the day that is the HOLIDAY! A great saying I have learned is that if you are planning to treat yourself to eat, then you are just really planning to over-eat. The point here is that if it is a holiday you can go and enjoy yourself and then just go right back to the weight loss plan. It is really a simple concept when put into perspective.


I could go on with some of the negative comments I have heard people tell me about why they can’t lose weight with WonderSlim but the point I really hope to make is that if a person wants to make-weight loss a reality in their life then they will find a way. The neat thing about WonderSlim is that I have realized is that not only is it the only weight loss plan that has worked for me, it is the easiest thing I have ever done to lose weight. Overall, all of the negative comments I have gathered about WonderSlim have come from individuals that were not committed to weight loss. Although they spoke about how tired they were of being fat, they really did not want to make a change in the habits that got them that way.


I no longer entertain discussions about whether or not WonderSlim works, or if it does not work. I no longer listen to people who tell me WonderSlim will not work for them because I know that it would work if they just gave it a legitimate chance. No longer do I try to explain to people why it could help them. Those days of trying to convince people are over and have been replaced with the understanding that weight loss with WonderSlim will happen for any healthy individual that is willing to make it work for them. It is affordable, it is convenient, it is flavorful and takes very little time to make it work. The only thing I discuss about WonderSlim now is if the person is willing to follow the plan, because if they do….they will lose weight. It is that simple.


One interesting to note, and understand, is that this article is at the top of rankings for negative WonderSlim comments and yet it is really not that negative at all. Also…please note that there are virtually NO negative WonderSlim reviews to be found anywhere by people who have actually used the product to lose weight. Maybe that is because it works really, really well!


WonderSlim is really a no-brainer weight loss method.  The truth of this weight loss method is that those that do no succeed on the plan (Yes, there are those that do not succeed) really only fail because they give up on themselves long before the magic happens.  Those people who are not successful really are not ready to make it happen and it will really not matter what weight loss program they choose.  If you happen to find a truly negative WonderSilm review I would be really surprised it they ever really tried the product with the ultimate goal, and desire, to be thin and healthy.

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