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I had a few problems with Sensa when I first started the program to lose weight.  I thought that I would spend a few moments to share some of those issues that I had to deal with at a time when I really did not know too much about Sensa, as a way to get thin.  Of all my problems with Sensa I have to tell you that the biggest one was that I forgot to put it on my food each and every time I ate.

When I first started Sensa I would sit down to eat and then half-way through my meal I would realize that I forgot to sprinkle the Sensa on my food.  As simple as the entire program is, I often forgot to do the simple act of sprinkling the Sensa on my food before I ate.  I even had two shakers for the month so I would have one at home and have one to take with me and yet I would realize after I started my eating… that the Sensa shaker never made it out of my pocket.  Not using Sensa really becomes a problem when you are trying to lose weight.  It took a few weeks before I conditioned myself to sprinkle it on everything I ate.

There are not many rules with using Sensa which means there are not many problems or issues that crop up.  No matter how effective Sensa can be, it really did not matter when I left the shaker in my pocket.  To help me remember to use Sensa I took a pen and wrote a larger letter “S” on my hand.  That “S” may seem elementary or childish but it worked. It solved the Sensa problem!  By placing an “S” on my hand I saw it each and every time that I ate.  The simple act of drawing an “S” on my hand eliminated the problem of forgetting to use Sensa before I started to eat.  My friends thought it was funny to have an “S” on my hand but I did not care.  I wanted to give Sensa an opportunity to work because I really wanted it to help me lose weight.

Another problem I had with Sensa during my early days was that I was embarrassed for anyone to see me using it in public.  I learned that I could put it into an unmarked container but I was too lazy to do that, so I just kind of hid it from sight at first.  Once I started to realize that I was really losing weight I got over being embarrassed.  As I got thinner I started to enjoy showing it to people.  I think it was because once I realized it worked I no longer cared what others thought because it was helping me to lose weight.

Overall I really had no major problems with Sensa.  As time went on and I lost weight my friends started to think that I was selling the stuff out of my car or something like that because I was always eager to talk and share my success with anyone that would listen.  I think that as I started to get thinner my self confidence started to blossom.

Another problem I had when I started to lose much of my weight was that the clothing I had started to get too baggy for me.  I do not have much money and when my wardrobe did not fat anymore, it became a big problem.  What I did was I started to shop at second hand stores to save money.  I was able to get clothing at reduced prices and not have to walk around naked or with my pants falling down.  This clothing problem was not one that I anticipated but it was one problem that I really did not mind having to deal with.

Looking back on my weight loss with Sensa I have realized that none of the problems were that bad.  Sensa helped me lose weight and that really changed much in my life. Sensa really was not a problem at all… but more like the solution.

9 Responses to Problems With Sensa

  • When I got my month 2 os Sensa both boxes were empty. I have tried for 3 weeks to get intouch with someone and was always on hold for long periods of time. So I’m writing you now to let you know that the boxes were empty. Please reimbust me for this as I have paid for it and didn’t get full ones. I have been on Sensa since Dec. of 2010 and have lost 60 lbs to date. I have 34 more to go, but I can’t do it without my Sensa. Thanks, Luella Duinlap

  • Is it a mistake to patronise sensa, i purchased the trial pack on T.V. sometime in august for an amount of $19.95, i called on 09/01/11 to cancell subsequent supplies & that no further money should be taken from my chekin a/c,the lady i spoke with (Cathy)said within 5 working days any money taken will be returned back to my a/c, to my suprise, sensa went ahead on 09/21/11 to remove $89.95 frm my a/c, i called your office & one of your reps. spoke nastily to me & even said i have to return the pack that was sent to me, even claiming that she did not see the record of my call,i.e saying i’m lying or what, I DO NOT TAKE KINDLY TO IT.She even said i need to return the trial pack i paid $9.95 for back to sensa. I’m done with sensa products, PLEASE my money($89.95) should be returned to my a/c.

  • TW Gerald says:

    Yes I was going to try Sensa, I have changed my mine because of the letter from Abosede Malumi September 27, 2011 had such bad problems dealing with Sensa employees on the phone tryin to get a refund!

    TW Gerald

  • B Lancaster says:

    I ordered the free trial but when I tried it the taste of my food changed due to the Sensa but I kept using it. I started having stomach problems and could only relate them back to the Sensa. I received a call this week from a Representative from Sensa saying that I owe $98. She was extremely rude which is totally not professional. If others are treated rudely by this company, I advise you right now not to continue with Sensa or you will suffer problems. SENSA – Please DO NOT CHARGE MY ACCOUNT again as I do not want to continue. STOP ANY FUTURE ORDERS NOW!!!!!! Thank you.

    This website is NOT an affiliate of Sensa. You need to contact Sensa…WE ARE NOT SENSA

    If anyone is reading this and wants to order Sensa…use and you should not have the problems with Sensa customer service, as listed above..because you will not be dealing with Sensa, you will be dealing with

  • GKILBURN says:

    I have canceled this 2times do to stomach problems very bad pain after using 2 months , I called and sent back . NO ONEhas got back to me at all . you have sent me more and are still taking out of my visa. IM NOT LIKING THIS AT ALL . SO now im contacting better buisness unless I hear from you? please do not send anymore

    YOu have written the above comment as if this website somehow is involved with your order. We are NOT Sensa and cannot stop anything. Please send all questions to the place you ordered. Sorry…

  • Ruthie says:

    Anybody experience swelling of ankles? Mary is on 3rd month & her ankles swell-she’s been checked for heart & kidney trouble. All OK

  • nan says:

    I have been on Sensa now fore thre months. At first I started losing weight but then gained it back and cant lose any more. I have developed mjor pains in the upper part of my stomach. I am having an upper G I done next week but wonder if it could be from the Sensa.

  • CArol says:

    Sensa ended up having the same affects on me as MSG – after 2 weeks everytime I ate I became very sleepy and could barely stay awake. The only other time I experienced that was when I had a build of of msg in my system and everytime I ate Chinese food I would fall asleep.

  • Kathleen says:

    I tried SENSA for two weeks and had such serious drps in my blood sugar levels my co-workers had to call 911 twice in one week. Once I stopped using it the blood sugars regulated again. Also, I never received a confirmation number. What I did receive was someone elses confirmation number and address, billing info, etc. Not good. The “supervisor” (Jessie) said she would have her manager look into the billing “mistake” and get back to me ASAP. Three weeks later …. Nothing. Needless to say, my particular credit card has been cancelled because i have no trust or faith SENSA to handle the billing issue safely.

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