Sensa and the FDA (Food and Drug Adminisrtaion)

Sensa weight loss is all about the sprinkle and what is in those sprinkles has been determined by the FDA as safe to use.  To be as exact as possible we want to clarify that the ruling from the FDA really was really granted by what can be considered default.  Why we make this statement of the FDA not really having to declare whether or not Sensa is safe, is because of the declaration for the FDA that Sensa is what is referred to as G.R.A.S.or Generally Accepted As Safe.

What this “boils” down to is the realization that because ALL of the ingredients that are used in the formulation of Sensa have already been established as being known to be safe.  The list of the ingredients that are in Sensa, that the FDA says are safe, are Maltodextrin (Derived from Corn from America), Tricalcium Phosphate, Silica, Natural and Artificial Flavors. SENSA also contains Soy and Milk ingredients.  The Soy in Sensa is Soy-Lecithin.  For those that may be wondering  what Maltodextrin is cn be explained simply as easily digestible carbohydrates made from natural corn starch. 

The interesting thing about the FDA and Sensa is that many people question if Sensa is safe and yet the FDA really does not need to make an evaluation.  The G.R.A.S. rating from the FDA clearly denotes that because all of the ingredients have already been evaluated and approved as safe, the FDA does not even need to take a look at Sensa.

So if you are looking into using Sensa you can rest assured that the FDA has declared that Sensa is safe to use.  What you need to understand that there are no ingredients in Sensa that are not there if they do not have an influence on the scent or the smell that Sensa emanates to the human mind.  Many confuse the ingredients in Sensa as something that performs an action that takes place in the stomach.  This is not true!

All of the ingredients are brought together in Sensa to create a scent that triggers the human body to realize that it is getting full and that it is time to start thinking about being done eating.  By helping the human body to feel full faster the user will naturally not want to eat as much food.  By not eating as much food it becomes easier to0 lose weight.  Losing weight is what Sensa is all about.

Sensa and the FDA are both in agreement that Sensa is safe to use.

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