Sensa Ingredients

The ingredients in Sensa are really not what anyone expects them to be when they first start looking into using Sensa for weight loss.  Before we get into a long and drawn explanation of what Sensa ingredients are, we want to discuss first what Sensa is all about.  Sensa is all about losing weight and for that reason the things that are in Sensa are unlike what most people will expect.  Since Sensa is all about losing weight, let’s look at how Sensa works to help you better understand what the actual Sensa ingredients are all about.

Sensa is designed to help a person feel full faster by accelerating the “feel full” process that naturally takes place in the human body.  Many skeptics that are uninformed look at the Sensa ingredients and expect them to be similar to what is found in diet pills, and that is a complete mistake to think there is any comparison at all.  The ingredients that are found in Sensa DO NOT speed up metabolism and do not behave in any traditional way you may think.  Sensa is not similar to other traditional aspects of weight loss and that is why the Sensa ingredients are so important to understand.

The stuff that is found in Sensa is not going to excite you and those ingredients are designed and formulated to work with a person’s sense of smell and taste.  The science that has been packed into Sensa was developed by Dr. Alan Hirsch and he is an expert in the field of how scents impact the decisions a person makes.  What he discovered is that as a person eats food there are smell and taste receptors that send messages to your brain that release hormones that tell your body it’s time to stop eating. This is an amazing mechanism that is known as Sensory Specific Satiety.  By enhancing smell, Sensa tastants were developed  to help speed up the process of eating and feeling full, by triggering a person’s desire to feel full sooner. By being able to trigger the process sooner a person will eat less and feel more satisfied.  Because Sensa works with your body’s natural impulses, rather than against them, there are no feelings of hunger or intense cravings.  The ingredients that are in Sensa are designed to work more with the brain than with the stomach.

Because of the combination of ingredients in Sensa, Dr. Hirsch was able to create a product that naturally helps a person stimulate  their natural ability to feel full faster.  By the stimulation of Sensa a person will start to feel full faster from the moment before their first bite.  By sprinkling Sensa onto one’s food a person can curb the desire to overeat.  The ingredients in Sensa have been placed there by Dr. Hirsch to combine and create a scent or an odor that stimulates the brain to generate the signals needed to feel full. 

Feeling full sooner is what Sensa is all about and it is all about the ingredients found in Sensa.

Sensa Ingredients
The first thing a person should understand is that the ingredients in Sensa are all safe and approved by the FDA and classified as G.R.A.S., or Generally Accepted As Safe.  (Click here for complete explanation of G.R.A.S.) There is nothing in the list of Sensa ingredients that anyone should be concerned with ingesting.  The specific ingredients that are found to be in Sensa can be answered as such; 

  • Maltodextrin (Derived from Corn from the USA)
  • Tricalcium Phosphate
  • Silica
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Soy and Milk ingredients

Maltodextrin:  The Maltodextrin in SENSA is made up of easily digestible carbohydrates made from natural corn starch.

Tricalcium Phosphate: This is simply an anti-caking agent to prevent the other Sensa ingredients from clumping and becoming un-usable in the shaker.  This is very common ingredient that has been around for years. 

Silica:  Is used to help the overall product dissolve into “nothingness” once it is sprinkled onto one’s food.  This is part of the reason why Sensa simply dissolves and fades away from sight from even having been applied to your food.  This is what helps keep Sensa sort of transparent to everyone when applied. 

Natural and Artificial Flavors:  This is where the Sensa ingredients garner their mystery because this is the part of the list of Sensa ingredients that are proprietary and patent-pending.  It is safe to proclaim that this is where the science developed by Dr. Hirsch surfaces.  This is where the effectiveness of Sensa works it’s “magic” and it is the blend of ingredients that combine to trigger a person’s feel full mechanism.

Since we have explored the ingredients in Sensa, let’s take a look into what IS NOT in the Sensa shaker.

  • Sensa is sodium- free
  • Sensa is sugar-free
  • Sensa is calorie-free
  • Sensa is gluten-free
  • Sensa contains NO stimulants
  • Sensa contains No drugs
  • Sensa contains NO MSG 

As you can see from the brief explanation of Sensa above there really is nothing to worry about the ingredients that make up Sensa.  It is safe, accepted and has been used by many as an effective way to lose weight safely.  The ingredients that are in Sensa may be just what a person needs to kick-start their weight loss.  The ingredients in Sensa are plain and boring but yet very effective to helping a person lose weight. The ingredients in Sensa are all about science and they are all about weight loss.

3 Responses to Sensa Ingredients

  • Janice Stadtmuller says:

    “Natural and Artifical Flavors: This is where the Sensa ingredients garner their mystery because this is the art of the list of Sensa ingredients that are proprietary and patent-pending” This worries me, shouldn’t they list ALL ingredients? Doesn’t the FDA require it. How do we know if one of these are bad for us? Or even worse, we are allergic to it?

  • charlotte ruttencutter says:

    i take several presp. meds. & wonder if sensa can interfer with any meds such as chloresteral, blood pressure, thyroid,
    {celebrex,} etc?

  • Deanna Shelton says:

    I agree with both of these ladies above. I have looked high and low to find the actual ingredient list of this product, but obviously they want me to make the purchase to do so. Not willing to do that. As someone who CANNOT take artificial flavorings and CANNOT take Sucralose or Aspartame, I simply refuse to ingest ANYTHING in which I do not know the ingredients! And we certainly need to know if what we ingest will have ill effects with a prescription med!

    I’m sure these ladies will agree with me that it’s a little shady that Sensa is not offering to show their full ingredient list, item by item. I’m beginning to feel like Snow White and the little old lady/witch is just trying to convince me that this apple is good for me!! Just buy our product so we make money…we don’t truly care about our customers!

    My husband and I have been working out and eating right since February of this year and I’m down 18lbs. It may be slow, but it’s STAYING off and I know that everything I’m putting in my body is made by God! When something isn’t made by God, there is just too much room for error!

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