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I have been overweight for many years and I really did not understand just how overweight I really was.  One of the Sensa results I have experienced is that since I am now thin I never really appreciated how obese I really had become.  I remember going to the store and looking at all of the fat people and checking out what they had in their grocery carts.  I used to look at all the foods and silently say to myself …”that is why you are fat!”  Before I had any results using Sensa I did not really think that I was “one of those” fat people.

I thought I was overweight, but now that I am 109 pounds thinner I can now look back with the realization that I was a fat person.  I used to wear “XXXL” shirts and now I wear “L” shirts.  My pants used to be size 48 and now they are size 34.  As I look back on the Sensa results I can proudly proclaim that I have gone from weighing 297 pounds to 184 pounds.  I can now proclaim to the world that because I was in denial as to how obese I really had become.  Because of Sensa I can tell you that I now understand what a healthy portion size is really all about.

When I started to sprinkle Sensa onto my food I started to appreciate just how important it is to eat foods in the correct portion size.  At first I would sprinkle Sensa onto my meals and still eat beyond the point of being full.  I would order my food and when it arrived at my table I always made sure that I “cleaned my plate.”  I do not know when that exact date was but there was a moment in time that I remember looking at my naked body in the mirror with true disgust.  I could not believe how much I had let myself go.  I do not remember that date, but that day was the moment that I ordered Sensa, using the FREE offer.  I must admit that when it first arived I did not give it a fair chance and I threw it into the glove compartment of my car.

Food had become a form of entertainment in my life.  I would eat out with friends.  I would eat when I was bored and I would eat when I did pretty much anything.  The the day came when I looked at a photograph of myself and thought “Oh my God…is that me?”  It was that day that I decided that I had to make a change in my life and it was that day that I took the Sensa from where I stowed it in the car and placed it in my pocket.  I decided from that day on I was going to make a best effort to lose weight.  It was at that moment in time that I declared to myself that I was going to start paying attention to what Sensa talks about.  I was going to pay attention to how much food I was actually eating.

Soon I started to take home doggy bags when I became full and later I started to order smaller portions.  The major change in my life was the fact that the result from using Sensa was my realization that I had no understanding of portion size.  At that point in time I had no clue as to what was an appropriate portion for a person.  The main impact of Sensa was that I recognized that portion size was key to the reason why I was so overweight.  Because of Sensa I started to eat less and then it happened….the weight started to drop.

Soon I was eating less food at every sitting and soon I was buying smaller belts and my pants size started to go down..  The reality of my own weight loss actually hit me the day my size 40 pants almost fell off me in public.  I did not have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe and I was forced to shop at second hand stores.  It was at this time that I started to wrap my head around the results I was starting to achieve merely because of my introduction to Sensa. 

Sensa is all about helping a person feel full faster and once I began to appreciate the fact that I could stop eating when I was full, was what I needed to actually start losing weight.  The most important thing I can say I have achieved because of using Sensa is the result of being much thinner today.  Sensa can help anyone achieve positive weight loss results, if they have the inner fortitude to put the fork down when they are full.  If you can’t stop eating when you are full, Sensa will be of no value to you.  If you’re a person that suffers from obesity because you hate to diet… because you hate being hungry… then maybe Sensa will work for you?  Maybe you too will start to understand what portion control and portion size and obesity all have to do with one another.

Sensa results are clinically proven and I am thrilled to the gills with the fact that I am now thin.  I really am not that fat person that did not understand just how unhealthy all that fat really was for me.  Sensa results are real and they are tangible in my life. 

Thank You! Dr. Hirsch!!!

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