Where Can I Buy Sensa?

Where can I buy Sensa?  This is a question that we get almost each and every day so we decided to create this little article to enlighten the masses as to where Sensa can be purchased.  First off we want you to realize that Sensa is not available in any retail stores (UPDATE: GNC NOW SELLS SENSA AT FULL RETAIL PRICE) that are of the brick and mortar type.  So, if you are looking to purchase Sensa save your time and do not look in places like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart or even Costco and Sam’s Club.  If you are looking to buy Sensa you will have to order it via the Internet.  Do not fret though because the “stores” that sell it are not only safe, they are names that you will recognize for being established and safe to use.


Amazon.com is rock solid in being a trustworthy place to do online business, and ordering Sensa from them may be safest on your credit card.  Buying your Sensa from Amazon.com is a great way to try Sensa, but if you do not go beyond month number one, you will not be giving Sensa the chance that you need to give it to allow it to work.  The problem that you are blindly facing is that you are unaware of ALL the issues with Sensa Customer Service. What we have found out here for the last few years is that there are MANY Sensa complaints that are directly related to Sensa Customer Service and the use of your credit card.  Many people have complained about the Sensa auto-ship program being horrible and almost impossible to get refunds.  If you are looking to use Sensa for achieving weight loss you can buy it at Amazon.com, but you really should get more than just a month supply.  All too often we have found that people order only one month and that is really not enough time for the full effect.  A person trying out Sensa should get at least 2 months worth and use it for the full 2 months.  Another store you can buy Sensa online is at the very reputable online store called DermStore.


TrySensa.com is the main site and we suggest you avoid this site to buy Sensa. We have noted many, many issues with Sensa Customer Service and how credit cards are abused.  Do not take our word for it because we have seen it all over the Internet.  It is not too often you find a website (such as this one) that is suggesting YOU DO NOT order a product from the company that distributes the product, but that is our opinion.  We know that if you order it from Amazon.com you will not have to worry about auto-ship or any other credit card issues.  Amazon.com is about as safe as you could expect when shopping via the Internet.


If you are asking where you can buy Sensa we want you to be aware of the choices we have presented above.  We encourage you to check out the information we have provided. We have left you some links for your convenience.  Whatever you decide to do in your search of where to buy Sensa we hope that you will find nothing but success and happiness in your weight loss goals. Being able to lose weight is a wonderful feeling and we truly wish you luck and health.


Buying Sensa is the easy part.  Any store that sells Sensa will be more than willing to take your money.  We just hope that as you embark on your weight loss journey you will order your Sensa order from either Amazon.com or DermStore.com for the reasons mentioned above.  Whatever you decide to do we hope that you at least give Sensa a try, and we suggest at least 2 months before you make an opinion.  Ordering Sensa is not the hard part.  The hard part is making sure you don’t end up with more credit charges than you expected.


God Bless you and Good Luck!

2 Responses to Where Can I Buy Sensa?


    thanx for the article above. am a ugandan who is intrested in using sensa but am finding it so hard to get sensa even from the dermstore or try sensa.com. so how can we get sensa in africa especially uganda. can’t u atleast try finding a distributor.

    Try the link below:
    Sensa From Amazon.com

  • Annie says:

    Is there an outlet in the UK where you can purchase sensa OR can you ship it to the UK???

    At the current time Sensa is not available to be shipped outside of the borders of America.

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