Who Should Not Take Sensa?

I am not a Sensa weight loss expert by any stretch, but what I can say about Sensa is that I know more about it than almost anyone since I have been using Sensa for well over one year.  I have been able to lose weight and I am satisfied with the results.  I will not post how much weight I lost because everyone is different and everyone will achieve different results.  Not everyone has the same level of commitment and not everyone is as anal for remembering to sprinkle it on their food as I have been.  What I can write here on this brief post is who should not take Sensa to lose weight.

Should Children use, or take Sensa?
Sensa has only done tests and clinical trials on adults.  Since there has been no testing done on the GRAS ingredients of Sensa it would not be prudent to recommend that Sensa be used with children.  Although we have heard about parents sprinkling it on children’s food covertly and achieving results, it is not recommended to be used on children because of the lack of clinical studies done with children.

Can I use Sensa if I am breastfeeding?
While the ingredients used in Sensa are determined to be safe by the FDA (GRAS) it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using Sensa in a weight loss attempt.  This applies to not only the use of Sensa, but the use of any weight loss tool or weight loss aid.

Will Sensa work if I lost my Sensa of taste and smell?
NO.  The effectiveness of Sensa is based upon the use of one’s sense of taste and smell.  If you do not have the use of your sense of taste and smell, Sensa will be a waste of money, despite the fact that it is available through a FREE offer that only requires you pay for shipping of $4.95.  If you have no sense of taste or smell then save the 5 bucks, because Sensa will not be effective for you.

Can I take or use Sensa if I have high blood pressure?
You should consult your physician before you use Sensa and have high blood pressure.  In fact, it is suggested you check with your doctor before you start any weight loss program if you have high blood pressure.

Can I use or take Sensa if I am diabetic?
If you are a diabetic it is strongly suggested that you consult with your doctor before you take or use Sensa.  Despite the GRAS rating the FDA gives Sensa, it is still the prudent thing to do if you are diabetic and are thinking of starting the use of Sensa, or any weight loss regiment.

If you organize the thoughts above a little more concisely, you will see that if you are a child, you should not use or take Sensa.  If you are a diabetic or have high blood pressure or any other medical condition of concern, then you should consult with your doctor.  Other than that anyone should be able to sprinkle Sensa on their food and be able to shed some weight.  The effectiveness of Sensa is pretty much like other weight loss programs that offer concrete results. 

What I have found is that if a person sprinkles Sensa on their food and pays attention to the stomach feeling full and stops eating before they are bloated….weight loss becomes the possibility.  With that being said, there really is nothing more to say other than the fact that if you are interested in starting Sensa you should take advantage of the risk free, FREE offer as that is the least expensive way to get started with easy weight loss.

4 Responses to Who Should Not Take Sensa?

  • sissy says:

    Not trying to be mean. But if you stop sensa wouldn’t the pounds just creep back in?its not going to teach you how to live healthy. If you really want to lose weight and feel great about it then eat healthy and get a gym membership. Just saying.

  • Jeanette says:

    To expand a little further; I have lost 50 pounds this last year, first by starting with Medifast and then continuing with weight watchers. This has been successful for the first time in many years but now I am at a plateau and am looking for something short term to help me over the hump. I’m going to try this and see how it does.

    I responded via your personal email

  • Cynthia says:

    My daughter is two going on three and she is still breastfeeding and I seriously need to lose some weight I’ve tried the normal working out counting calories cutting many different foods even only eating boiled or grilled chicken and only salads and yogurt nothing seems to work. Should I use sensa?

  • Maydra Voelker says:

    I have to take a blood thinner. Is there anything in Sensa that would inter -react with being on a blood thinner?

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